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We Do Unforgettable Brands

On a North American island known as 'The Rock', we mix, serve and drink more spirits than anyone in the world. From a land full of hospitality, unique culture and some of the most awe inspiring scenery in the world, comes the authentic story of our company.


From humble beginnings we've grown into a diverse team involved in everything from blending and quality assurance, to packaging, distribution and marketing. With the average legal aged Newfoundlander drinking a case of spirits each year, you could say we know the spirits business!


Currently owning twelve brands and constantly growing, our products are represented in many segments of the spirits industry including rum, vodka, gin, whisky and brandy. Our knack for creating cool brands with superior taste has garnered us many international awards and praise from discerning consumers around the globe.


Rock Spirits is also a co-packaging partner with spirits brands from all over the globe. Our facility is well equipped and flexible to fulfill the needs of any brand owner. Companies also know they can trust our team in helping them build a quality brand that matches their marketing vision.


Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whisky, Spiced, Overproof - we make unforgettable brands. Explore all of the brands that are made right here in Newfoundland!


Newfoundland Screech Rum

Imported from Jamaica for over 200 years, Screech is a true part of Newfoundland culture and tradition (the ‘Screech-In’). It’s the #1 selling dark rum in NL and sold in every province across Canada.

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Ragged Rock Rum

In the spirit of Newfoundland, Ragged Rock is presented as a distinct amber rum with a smooth finish that pays homage to traditional Newfoundland culture.

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George Street Spiced Rum

The creation of those that mix, pour, and drink more rum than anyone in North America – GEORGE STREET! New in 2011, it’s been rated by rum connoisseurs as the best tasting spiced rum on the market!

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Old Sam Rum

A unique rum from the international known Demerara rum region, Old Sam is an aged blend that, when mixed, leaves a signature froth on the glass like no other! Old Sam is also sold across Canada.

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Newfoundlander's Rum

This premium blend of aged rums is sourced from the Caribbean. It is elegantly smooth and very mixable and features art images from well known Newfoundland artist, David Blackwood.

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Shiver Vodka & Gin

Shiver Gin and Shiver Vodka are part of the Shiver family - new NLC brands – crafted locally, quadruple distilled, and served in an environmentally friendly PET package.

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Cabot Tower Rum

Cabot Tower Rum is sold locally as well as in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta. With a distinct strong flavor, it towers above the rest.

Crystal Head Vodka

Starting with the deep glacial aquifer water of Newfoundland, this finely produced vodka is naturally smooth and embodies the archaeological mystery of the 13 crystal heads.

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Iceberg Vodka, Gin and Rum

This ultra-premium spirits brand is produced from harvested 12,000 year-old icebergs and triple distilled neutral grain spirits made from Ontario sweet corn.

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Lemon Hart Rum

Lemon Hart is a dark rum, brown with reddish tints, and has the characteristic thickness and full body of Demerara rums. Dense and viscous, this is definitely a rum that mixers will enjoy.

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London Dock Rum

This Demerara Rum is available at 40% alcohol and 100 proof. It has a strong cross country following, selling from Newfoundland to the Prairies.

Smugglers Cove Rum

This is a two year old dark rum from Jamaica, with an extra kick due to its 45% alcohol content. It is very popular in Nova Scotia, with some additional presence in Alberta, and NL.

White Star Rum

This blend is a 3-year old Trinidadian amber rum. From the same producers of Angostura Bitters, White Star is very popular among New Brunswickers.

Charenac French Brandy

Both elegant and aromatic, this value priced brandy comes from the famous Croizet Cognac vineyard.

"It's a thousand miles out into the Atlantic, the water is sweet, the people talk with an Irish lilt, and they are just loving, wonderful people."

- Dan Aykroyd, owner of Crystal Head Vodka

"George Street Spiced Rum and cola is perhaps a little too easy to like - this just might be the nicest Spiced Rum Mixer I have tasted yet."

- International Rum Expert, Chip Dykstra

"Possibly the best tasting water on the planet here in St. John's."

- Russell Crowe on Twitter, talking about the water used in our vodka

22% of all Dark Rum consumed in Canada starts at Rock Spirits

Screech Rum receives a Rum Howler Award!